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Have you heard about the global pilot shortages? Did you know that more than 637,000 pilots are required to fly the skies now through 2034? Did you know if every flight school in the world were filled to maximum capacity training pilots, the world could only produce around 10,000 new pilots per year? It’s simple. The world cannot cope with this demand.

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Type Rating Program

HIGH FLYERS AVIATION SERVICES offers you a variety of Commercial Type Rating programs. Whatever your individual goals are, we are here for you.

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Career Pilot Training Program

Highflyers offers training for candidates who wish to fly for one of India's airlines. Our Professional Indian Airline Program meets all minimum DGCA requirements and hours.

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FFS Setup Consultants

Highflyers provides assistance in setting-up a Full Flight Simulation Training Center at any location across the globe


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After a gap of eight years between getting my CPL and getting my first break to honour my CPL, I don't think any one else could have made flying those big birds such an easy takeaway cake. Great job done HIGHFLYERS..

Capt. Subhamoy Chakraborty

Going through HIGH FLYERS was the first overseas experience in my life till date and definitely the best too. HIGH FLYERS academy provides young aspirants like me the correct guidance as well as training. It was an extremely knowledgeable experience and due to this I got job offers from most of the airlines and finally I am joining INDIAN AIRLINES. I am thankful to High Flyers!!

Tanya Narula

I did my Commercial pilot training in Miami in about 04 months and HIGH FLYERS AVIATION SERVICES guided me all through out. Without their guidance I wouldn't have been such a confident pilot as I am today that I'm ready to join GO AIR as a first officer on AIRBUS A 320. This is also because I did my type rating program on A 320 within 30 days. It was the most sensible decision of my life that helped me shape my life better. All thanks to HIGH FLYERS . They aren't pioneers in Pilot training for nothing.

Mudit Daryan

I know this will be read by many aspiring pilots and they want to know how everything goes at HIGH FLYERS, therefore, I'll share my experience with all of you. High flyers are the representative for four countries which includes INDIA, infact INDIA is the source. They are located at Jungpura, Delhi, INDIA. To join we registered with High Flyers. After registering they did all the necessary formalities to get our I-20, which is the form sent by the school in US to tell us that we are accepted as their student. This I-20 is also required by the US embassy to give us US visa. We got our visa's, our beautiful journey started there onwards.

Raman Sharma

I always had a dream of being a pilot like my brother who is an Airline Captain. He recommended HIGH FLYERS to me. I came back in five and half months and I also cleared my DGCA papers.I am now all ready to take on my career as a professional pilot. It was a great training program. I am highly thankful to HIGH FLYERS for showing me the right direction. AWESOME JOB DONE!!!

Sunil Rathi

If you can imagine it you can create it. If you can dream it, you can become it. High Flyers Aviation Services has helpled me to achieve my dreams. Thanks a lot...

Pawan Jyot Singh

I feel HIGH FLYERS has made me fly really high and more confident. It is professionally very organized and academically a very competent academy. The academy has set high standards with its quality education, state-of-the-art courses and equipment that is really difficult to get in India. The comprehensive services and the dedicated and skilled faculty of professionals at High-Flyers make the whole training program a lot more exciting and rewarding.

Kanishka Rishi

I have done my flying from HIGH FLYERS, and found it to be one of the best schools in the world. I have completed my training in just 3 months and 25 days and without HIGH FLYERS ,it would not have been possible A trainee pilot always cherishes a dream to work with an airline, now my dream has come true and I am working with an airline at the age of just 18. I want to thank High Flyers to make my dream so easy for me.

Aditya Mann

WOW! going to HIGH FLYERS was a great thrill for me and something I am very proud of. It is certainly one of the best flight training organizations which concentrates on making professional airline pilots. It is a great achievement and I'll look back on this in years to come with a lot of pride. Thanks to HIGH FLYERS for providing a fantastic platform to be a competent aviator.

Vishal Gupta

HIGH FLYERS is one of the best training institutes a pilot can get. The professionals at High Flyers Aviation Services do more than promised. Excellent work!!!

Varun Suhag

Well I could use a lot of wonderful and inspiring adjectives to describe my experience of training at the High Flyers Program and end this testimonial. But then, would just those adjectives do justice to such a wonderful program? I not only have my doubts about it, but also believe that it would be highly unfair to just rate such an institute and such a great program with only some adjectives.

Sushant Gupta

Being in aviation for 8 yrs then changing job profile to become a pilot is a great challenge. I feel HIGHFLYERS has made it look easy through there very professional training provided to us. I thank HIGHFLYERS for being my first stepping stone to take my career to new high... Bhavnish

Bhavnish Awal

It has been a really good experience flying in US . It just took me 11 months to be a pilot in India last year in 16 October 2006 I started my flying and at that time I had no idea what was going on all around me but it was all because of HIGH FLYERS which helped my way out to be a pilot and today 20 September 2007 I have my DGCA license in my hand. So the whole credit goes to HIGH FLYERS which just helped me to finish my flying of 290 hrs in just 4.5 months though it's unbelievable for most of the guys but its true and I along with my 16 friends finished it up very little time. So once again thanking to HIGH FLYERS for helping me way out to be a pilot.

Abhinav Sood

I want to thank High Flyers for showing me the right direction and helping me in realizing my dream of being a pilot and fly the big jets. The experience at High Flyers was great and the experience I gained because of the well designed training program helped me to get job offers from various airlines in India. Training at a busy airport with a control tower, having instrument approach facilities and flying in different airspaces in the US did give me the kind of exposure to flying which really helps me till date when I fly in India. The school has sufficient number of aircrafts and an its available whenever the student wants to fly. The instructors are very professional and they make sure that the student learns all the tricks of the trade. Also, I was able to complete my training in 5 months which I think speaks volumes of the kind of infrastructure the school has.

Capt. Gautam Malhotra


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