Brief for Indian Students


We have a fleet of twentyfour (24) Cessna 152's, 11 Cessna 172's, one (1) Piper Arrow, four (4) Piper Senecas, one (1) Beechcraft Duchess, one (1) Piper Seminole, and one (1) Cessna 172SP with a G1000 glass cockpit.

  1. We only use DGCA-approved aircraft for the Professional Indian Airline Program.
  2. Our aircraft are maintained to the highest standards and approved by the FAA for 141 Professional Programs.
  3. We also offer Aerobatic Training for those who wish to sharpen their flying skills. This is performed in Aerobatic airplanes with very highly experienced aerobatic instructors.

Admission Instructions

To learn more about our admission process, or to apply for a visa, please contact us.


We have various housing and transportation packages available. Please contact us to know more.

For those concerned about food and groceries, we are also capable of distributing Indian foods through Mr. Zaidi, who owns an Indian grocery store. Students may place an order and have the foods delivered to their apartments.

International Student Pilot Health Insurance

International Student Pilot Health Insurance

We offer our International Student Pilots Health Insurance under our Group Policy to cover your Health Requirements for the Visa. This coverage provides health coverage for any qualified medical treatment exclusive of a pre-existing condition.
The benefits are also covered while training in aircraft without any passengers on board under the Adventure Sports Rider. A benefit for death and dismemberment is included as a regular emergency including return of mortal remains. The policy provides a Maximum Benefit of $ 500,000 with 0 Deductible. Please review the International Medical Group’s Patriot Group Travel Medical Coverage Policy by clicking on the following link:

View Insurance Policy

The cost is approximately USD 696.00 for Enrollment in the 18-29 Age Bracket for 8 months of coverage. Additional Months can be added as an additional student cost provided that there has been no lapse in coverage. This would need to prepaid and approved prior to your arrival in the states. You can rest assured this insurance will provide you piece of mind during your stay.

Please add $696.00 to cover your Visa Health Requirements with your payment. Any difference of the actual cost amount will be collected or refunded upon arrival.